Step By Step Guide To Leveling A Floor

Step By Step Guide To Leveling A Floor

When we want to renovate a floor we almost always start by choosing the finish: wood, tiles, color, etc. But the first and most important thing is to check that the soil is well leveled because if it is not, everything we do afterward will be in vain. We will find it difficult to fix any covering on top and the furniture will always be crooked. Here we show you step by step to level the floor of a room. In this way, we can renew the floor with the security of having a floor in perfect condition.  This article will show you all of the steps and materials that you will need to keep note of especially if you want to know how to properly how to level an uneven wooden floor.

This is important to learn especially if you have got an uneven old wooden floor that you want to fix by yourself. You may end up saving a lot of money if you learn to do it by yourself.

In order to achieve good floor coverings, we will learn to level it. We will see the steps to follow to level a floor and then renew it.

1. Mixing rod
2. Bucket
3. Brush
4. Electric drill
5. Laser level
6. Silicone applicator gun
7. Cutting


1. Self-leveling mortar or a floor leveling compound wood subfloor
2. Water
3. Wood strip
4. Mounting adhesive
5. Polystyrene strips

Step 1
We put the laser level and check the unevenness of the floor marking those levels on the wall.

Step 2
After cleaning the floor with the vacuum cleaner and if there are large holes we would have to cover them with cement. You may need to also use putty or epoxy for this to fill in the holes.

Step 3
Place a pressure strip on the door sill to prevent the mortar from overflowing. Be sure to choose the right floor leveling compound wood subfloor for the job as well. The difference could be huge especially if you have never worked with other types of floor leveling compounds in  the past before.

Step 4
The next step will be to place perimeter joints with polystyrene strips to avoid cracking the surface if the mortar is dilated. To fix the joints we will use assembly adhesive.

Step 5

Next, we are going to prepare the mortar. With the mixing rod and the feller, we are going to mix the water with the mortar.

Step 6
When we have the finished mixture we begin to pour the mortar on the surface.

Step 7
Once poured all the mortar vibrate the mass with a brush to avoid bubbles and make it settle. In this way, in addition to covering the entire surface, we will eliminate the bubbles.

Step 8
Once the dough is dry, we remove the slat from the door.

Step 9
We also cut the polystyrene leftovers and remove it. We can use a spatula to leave the surface as clean as possible.

How to level the floor
Step 10
To finish, we put the base with mounting adhesive back in place.